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About Us

Choices: Stories You Play is an up and coming game which has gained huge popularity in recent times. If you are acquainted with the world of online gaming, Choices is not an unfamiliar name to you. The game is neither the first nor the only game of its type, yet it is getting huge popularity due to its interesting storyline as well as good quality of graphics. What is the game all about? It is just as simple as the name says, you need to make choices! In the game, you are given a character; as the story progresses, you will need to make decisions on behalf of your character, by choosing from the given set of options. These choices will proceed the game further, and decide the next set of adventures or problems for your character, ultimately deciding his or her fate. You can choose your story as per your favorite genre and play along as one of the characters from the game. There are currently three stories that you will get to play. The first one is The Freshman (set in Hartfield University, it is your quest to find true love among the three characters). The second one is The Crown and The Flame, where a revenge story is developed on the backdrop of a kingdom that you have lost to your enemies, you must now rise an army, gain alliances and fight an war to gain control of your game once again. The third story is Most Wanted, where you have paired up with another skilful detective to embark on an adventure to catch a dangerous killer on the run, before he claims another life.

There are many more stories coming up to give your ability of decision making, a good exercise. As you know, it is your choice that will keep the game going, therefore, you need to select carefully which choice while you play a story. A lot of times, the game offers you a set of choices to select from, and each of the choices that you make will have path-breaking effects on the story. You will need to understand the nature of choice you are making. Unimportant choices should be made quickly without wasting much time. For example, if you are going on a date then choices such as clothes to wear, place to visit, etc. are not too tough to make. Next, you have to evaluate all the important choices by analysing the after effects of them in the game, and choose the one which is most advantageous or one least destructive. Carefully make your choices in such a way that the story should be proceeding as per your wish. In order to achieve this, you need to make correct choices in succession. Remember that a single instance of incorrect choice will ruin the outcome which will decide your fate in the game. The game is supported on both Android as well as Apple devices.


How to get free Keys and Diamonds for Choices Stories You Play

You can download the game for free from Google Play Store or Apple store, but in order to keep playing you need to buy keys and diamonds, the two chief currencies of the virtual world to make the game run smoothly. Keys are the in-game currency, which are used to redeem in order to unlock new stories or new episodes of existing stories. Each time you successfully complete a part of the story, you will require some keys in order to proceed to the next part of the story. Keys play an essential role in your progress in the game and the easiest way you can earn them is by completing a level or by using Choices. Another way to earn Keys is by waiting to get it automatically generated after a certain period of time. You can also connect with other players on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, where they have forums for gamers and share free Keys with each other. The more number of players you connect with, the more easily you will earn the keys. You can also purchase additional amount of Keys from the game shop by using real world money. However, make sure you do that wisely and spent the Keys smartly.

Diamonds are the secondary currency of the game and a player generally does not need them to complete the game. However, you can certainly use them to purchase items like designer clothes, accessories etc. Diamonds can be acquired on completing a level, but you will be able to procure them in lesser numbers than the Keys. You can always buy them in abundance from the game shop. If you want to buy both Diamonds and Keys from the game store then look for combo offers as purchasing them together will be more economical than individually purchasing Diamonds and Keys. Instead of buying you can use Choices Stories You Play Cheats which can generate choices unlimited keys and diamonds,.


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